Divas & Decks

Take your party to the next level with Divas & Decks. This sexy female foursome of DJ, Vocalist, Percussion and Sax bring something totally unqiue to your party.

DESCRIPTION: Take a well-known incredible highly acclaimed band (made up of the UK’s best known and most talented musicians from the big stage), add globally acclaimed female DJ’s – you have all the ingredients for a serious party. Divas & Decks have been taking the world by storm at parties across the globe with their incredible energy and talent.


[dt_sc_blockquote type=”type4″ align=”left”]”Dear Maxine and the band, A massive massive thanks for everything. It was an amazing party. All the stuff you did was absolutely brilliant…. totally beyond our expectations. All my mates are asking who the band were……. they were simply brilliant.”[/dt_sc_blockquote]


How Many People In the Band? – The basic package is DJ +  3 musicians. We can add vocals and instruments to increase to a 7 piece.

Why is Divas & Decks special? –  Our format means we can be totally versatile in what we play and the way we fit in with your party or event. Our setlists range from the absolute latest tracks and right back to the absolute classics. We have a range of vocalists to suit the party!

  • Hottest female musicians in the UK
  • A massive and totally current setlist
  • Bespoke Setlists & Line-ups to suit you &  your party
  • Cutting edge technology and sound equipment, a top class professional sound engineer to live mix throughout the gig
  • An party vibe that works for all age groups
  • Lighting packages available
  • Late availability



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A selection of Live Audio Clips from Sensation Band Below:

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