Sensation Band

Sensation Band are Hip Band’s most highly recommended and most popular band. That’s because when it comes to big parties that matter, there is no better band in the UK.

DESCRIPTION: Featuring an almighty collaboration of the UK’s top musicians of the moment, individually our band members play with some of the biggest global names around. Without any shameless name dropping… Rizzle Kicks, Mark Ronson, Jamiroquai, Basement Jaxx, Kylie,  Tom Jones, Adele, Incognito, Lilly Allen,  Tao Cruz,  and many others on the biggest live stages and festivals around the world. Carefully selected for their outrageous talents and the energy they bring to each and every performance – the energy and sound that Sensation produce will blow your mind.


[dt_sc_blockquote type=”type4″ align=”left”]Lucie, I wasn’t sure what to expect as the website only gives you a sense of how good the band was going to be. If I’m honest the clips don’t do you justice – the band was fantastic!!! I have lost count how many of our guests said “where did you find that band – they were amazing….they made the wedding….best band we’ve ever seen at such an event” etc etc. A number of the guests were wanting to use you guys for future landmark birthdays etc, so if you don’t mind we will forward your details at the appropriate time. On a personal note being able to cover our first dance which wasn’t in your song list and giving me the chance to do my x-factor moment will live long in the memory. We would be happy to provide a reference for your website or selling materials if that’s helpful. Please pass on our gratitude to the band. Kind regards, David and Heena.[/dt_sc_blockquote]


How Many People In the Band? – In order to make sure the band always sound super-tight, we have a main core of musicians that have played together endlessly and always make up the band.  The band can play as a 5 piece, and all the way up to a 15 piece or beyond! Once you let us know your taste in music and the style of the party we can put together your bespoke setlist and match it with the perfect line-up for your event.


Why does Sensation Band sound so much better? –  Professional Musicians –  Firstly all band members are hand picked full-time professional musicians. Secondly, the band’s musical director & band leader is a highly sought after music producer / composer with an immense amount of global touring experience on the worlds biggest stages. All that knowledge and experience dictates the way we go about things in every single event we play at. The result?


  • Unparalleled line-up of  incredible vocalists and musicians
  • A massive repertoire covering big hits all the way back and constantly adding new current tracks
  • Incredibly tight performances
  • Bespoke Setlists & Line-ups to suit you &  your party
  • Perfectly balanced quality music
  • Cutting edge technology and sound equipment, a top class professional sound engineer to live mix throughout the gig
  • A Packed dancefloor from start to finish
  • An amazing infectious party vibe that stays with you forever
  • A 100% customer satisfaction record

For more on Sensation Band check out their website:


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A selection of Live Audio Clips from Sensation Band Below:

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